Saturday, 22 February 2014

We made a show...

If you're on facebook, or know me, you will know that last week was the insane and seemingly impossible task of putting on this years MA children's Book Illustration exhibition. 

Since we have finished the course and are awaiting graduation, it was time to show off what on earth we had been up to for the past few years...

There were some tears, some wine and a little blood (scalpel blades and exhausted students don't mix well!) But at the end of it we had a beautiful space full of exciting illustration work and we had a party!

My little wall space had a portfolio of scribbles, all the recent guinea pig projects, the big house etchings and its prototype, plus some sketchbooks and book ideas, oh and a crochet pig! (made last minute during my week of wandering around london like a lost thing.)

                                                                                                                                                            my work!                  

This might be my favourite awkward sibling photo yet.

Thankyou to my very supportive friends and family who have put up with me in crazy lady mode during the hand in for my final project in January, and then again getting ready for the exhibition. You are all awesome!
Also big thankyous to all the wonderful people who came visit the show! and congratulations to all my classmates...
We did it!

Thats enough from me for now. 

Here is the website for the show if you fancy a peek at everyones lovely work...

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