Friday, 4 October 2013

the delivery comic

I have been working on a little something with my friend and talented illustrator lady, Lottie Stoddart.

Its a weekly web comic where we get to flex our drawing hands and imagination, with no specific plan or rules to follow except each friday we take it in turns to continue the comic where the other left off, the only plot line we had decided on is that it began with a delivery.

It's inspired by the drawing and writing games we all played as children, folding pieces of paper over, hiding what the last person created and adding to it, in the end revealing some hideous/beautiful collaborative monster!

We are quite excited to be doing something so free and unrestricted, and will be a happy escape from the busy uni deadlines looming (It's the end of our Masters course in January!)

I hope you enjoy the weekly surprise as much as i am! Click the pig or the banner above to go to the comic, it launches today!


Lottie's blog here: