Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lettermess cards


As you can probably see from my last post but i have been dabbling in Letterpress this summer, making a royal mess in the printing rooms and muddling up all the type. ( i did put them back properly- disorganised font trays are a big letterpress sin...)

Now these handprinted, lovingly created messages are now available as cards (hooray!) you can buy them online and instore from the rather wonderful PROVIDE shop...
(click the link to see!)

...If you happen to be in Birmingham you should pop by to look at all the beautiful things for sale and say hello to Matt (he very much likes to talk about cake, clothes, and books!)

                                                  yours truely defacing things with dinosaurs.

i hope you all are well, for many its back to school time (eek!) I'm getting my pencil case and rucksack ready!


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