Sunday, 5 May 2013

The great big miniature essay

My 8000 word essay is due rather soon, its about miniature in children's literature. Its given me a marvellous excuse to pore over my favourite childhood books, discover brand new ones and drink a hell of alot of coffee. (no such thing as too much caffeine when a deadline is looming!)

Here are some photos i've taken, because a. i need a writing break and b. im putting off the epic task of scanning a billion illustrations!

Looking at my desk I realise I'm very fortunate to get to read so many marvellous books for uni, i have spent the last few nights reading 'The borrowers' in bed! So I really ought not complain so much about having to write an essay. 

An old favourite, 'Brambley Hedge' (i wish i could live in that tree)
and a reasonably new discovery, 'The Shrinking of Treehorn' (edward gorey illustrations- mmmm!)

Twenty years have gone by and my reading habits haven't changed all that much! (thanks mum!)

hope you are all enjoying the three day weekend!


Thursday, 2 May 2013


The pond is full of frogspawn!

I get very happy watching the tiny specs grow tails and bust out of their eggs. legs next! I am a bit worried the fish are going to eat them all though :/

hope you are enjoying the much missed sun. ooo, and in case you havent seen it, this exists...