Sunday, 5 June 2011

3 childhood faves.

Since moving home my collection of books i realise, has merged with my mums kids school books & my own old childhood faves. I already had a growing mass of picture books, but now i find i have more kids books than 'grown up' ones. (a rather brilliant situation indeed) !
So, in honor of book hoarding, i decided to do a post about which ones make me grin with manic delight and stir up the best childhood here goes! first up, no suprises, but endless cheers for Dahl & Blakes tasty treats.
Note*** this photo includes books 'James and the Giant Peach' illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, and Michael Foremans illustrations for 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and a very old 'The Magic Finger' in the far back which i believe is Pat Marriott's handywork.
'The Twits' in particular appealed to my scatter brains personality, monkeys, birds in pies, and morsels in beards fed the imagination and tickled a developing mini illustrator in me, i think i owe to Blake my love of expressive scratchy pen lines. I also want to point out 'George's Marvellous Medicine' as perhaps my most read book. how i would squeal in delight of making potions out of everything i could find. and i often did (my poor father would have to pretend to drink them all...)
Anyway. These old books are perhaps my most prize possessions. My mother recently tried to take them to show her class and i selfishly clawed them back in horror and got her to buy herself new ones. (these old ones smell and feel like my childhood. i wasn't about to let some other child drool on them!!?)
For more nostalgic delight i give you... Jane Hissey and the ever wise OLD BEAR!! i believe this got made into a tv show in the 90s as well, but the books really do have it all. There's something warm and fuzzy about them, the characters are old friends and it had a profound effect on me, as for years, (i'l admit it was only at 16 i managed to part with my toys), as far as i was concerned, just like in old bear, when i turned around they would come to life, and would be devastated if i parted with them, and god forbid i abandoned them in the loft... anyway, aside from the 'fuzzy' factor, looking at the book now i notice its colour pencil work, (ergh how i despise drawing with colour pencils!) however the textures, lines and shading in old bear are truely masterful, and the characters burst from the pages. anyway, i mustn't ramble, on with the blog...Raymond Briggs, another classic illustration genius, i vividly remember the beautiful 'The wind that blows' granted that might of been because the big nuclear explosion, and the grim radiation poisoning... which sounds a little traumatic for my innocent child brain. although thats a point, can children handle dark stories? often i see and hear parents being very careful what to expose their precious ickle babies minds too, i personally am glad my mother let me roll about in the dark and gruesome, (Goosebumps may have scared the hell out of my little sister but it delighted me endlessly.) anyway. BRIGGS. i thought id remind you of 'The Man' the cheeky little scotsman! and i had to show you this page. i was always delighted by the sandwich making scene. look how he heaves the butter out of the pot and plies it onto the bread! brilliant! ( he later nearly falls of the counter and exposes his bare bottom- ho ho)

anyway, i should wrap this up. i want and have much more to talk about, but i shall save that for tomorrow. i hope you have enjoyed the memories! next time i shall show you my modern day faves. and perhaps my most fancy books. ooo! and then maybe the most bizarre... i see a mass blog posting week ahead of me...


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